Scalp micropigmentation is an alternative solution for people who have hair loss due to health problems or as a result of aging process.

Over the past few years, scalp micropigmentation became a very popular treatment in Europe and USA, whereas in Turkey, it’s fairly new and HAIRPIGMENTATIONS is the first to start using this technic on 2011.

HAIRPIGMENTATIONS started this treatment afterbeing asked whether he could tattoo a person with Alopecia. After writing an article regarding the subject, there was a sudden increase in demand. He made researches about the subject and brought inks special for micropigmentation from USA. Thus and so, HAIRPIGMENTATIONS was ready to perform scalp micropigmentation treatment.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Scalp micropigmentation technique is a hair loss treatment more sophisticated than that of a regular tattoo. In addition to being known as an exceptional tattoo artist, HAIRPIGMENTATIONS is also highly regarded in the field of medical tattooing since 2008.

Many celebrities inTurkey prefer him not only to get a classic tattoo, but also for medical tattoos and scalp micropigmentation treatment